Hi everybody, for todays video I take a fairly wide view of the Pound and try to build an intraday trade plan. In addition I also take a brief look at the USD Yen. Good luck and enjoy!! David Pegler

Another Way to Gain Some Profit

Nowadays, you can earn some money through the Forex business, buying and selling the other currency and take some profit between it, but when you join to this business fields, I’m very sure that you have a little time for enjoying your life. You have to concentrate, watching to the computer monitor and take full [...]

Forex Trading |Class #21 Head & Shoulder Pattern | FXReturn.com

Forex Training Class. We will diagram the Forex Chart Pattern, the Head and Shoulders Chart Pattern and the Reverse Head and Shoulders Chart Pattern, as they are found often in the Forex Market. We will go over a real life Forex chart and see a good example.

Forex MetaTrader 4 Full Voice with Visual interface

eToro Forex Trading Platform ► www.etoro.com ◄ Edit:: I put out version 1.2. Now there are 30+ sound files. But this is because having individual sound files saves system resources when the code runs. You can erase the old 20 sound files and just put in the 38 new sound files. You will really like [...]

forex trading – news trading UK Retail Sales – Using Dual Fibonacci entry

UK retail sales is usually a high impact forex news that moves the currency market significantly, watch how I analyze the market, wait for proper retracement, and get in at the best optimal entry for a quick 50 pips of profit… market continue to move and gave traders that followed my signals even more pips… [...]

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