109. How Interest Rates Move the Forex Market Part 2

www.informedtrades.com A lesson on how interest rates move the forex market for active traders and investors in the stock, futures, and forex markets.

Forex Video | London Session Review | September 18, 2008

At the open of today’s European session, major central banks announced a coordinated move to improve liquidity conditions in the global financial markets. The EUR/USD rose in response and managed to break above resistance of the 100-pip range which had defined the pair’s previous 12 hours of price action. A 100-pip trade was the outcome [...]

Forex Video | New York Session Review | August 6, 2008

The US dollar continued its recent strength across the major currency pairs during a day light on economic reports. A blend of fundamentals and technical analysis pointed to the EUR/USD as a viable prospect for a short trade at the open of the New York session. Pivot points and currency correlation provided excellent guidance on [...]

Be The Forex Expert with Easy Forex Trading Course

Everyone have its first time. None of us ever really think we are an expert in something, once we try for the first time. For this reason, unless you are already maintaining a good bank balance sheets Forex Trading, then you have a course of instruction at Forex Trading. A course of instruction in trade [...]

Trading? Virtually!

Trading? Virtually! Currency Trading is,let’s say one of the largest markets on the planet, which effectively does not exist. Currency trading is also called Forex and trading in Forex is done in a virtual market that does not physically exist! Yes that’s true! Some of the people in this virtual market are there, simply to [...]

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