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Basic Investment Principles In The Stock Market – Part 2

This is part 2 of the four part series on the discussion of principles of investment in the stock market. In the first part, the first principle involved realizing that the stock market is just another investment vehicles and that before you start investing in the stock market, you must realize that there are other vehicles of investments. We continue by discussing the next two principles. If you wish to view the entire article, please visit my blog.

2.) Investing in the stock market is a roller coaster ride – The advantage in the stock market is that when it goes up, big profits are often made. But when it drops fast, big losses are made also.

So when the market goes up we take advantage of the situation by selling and when the market goes down we take advantage of the situation by buying. When I first invested in the stock market almost 2 years ago, the Philippine Stock exchange index was only about 2000 + points. I’ve seen it go up to 2500 points and drop back to the 2000 level in the middle of 2006. It then slowly and steadily climbed up to the 3200 level in the 1st quarter of 2007 and then drop in a very short period of time during the final days of the 1st quarter of 2007. It then climbed steadily to a high of 3700+ points in July 2007 but dropped below 3000 points a month after. It then climbed steadily to its highest at 3800+ points by October and dropped to its present 3600 points.

There is only one conclusion that can be drawn here, that is it is really a roller coaster ride. Huge Profits and losses are made during those times that the market is up or down.

3.) You should determine what type of investor you are – Are you a long term investor or a short term investor? This is a very important question that each serious new investor should consider. This affects whether you should buy or sell a certain stock.

Long term investors hold their stocks for 5 to 10 years. This means that that they believe in the company that you are investing in. This also means that and that they have extra money for other things because they can afford to put in their money for a long period of time.

Long term investors also do not have to worry about the gruesome day to day technical analysis that has to be monitored. For as long as they believe in the fundamentals of the company there is no problem if the stock is held for a long period of time. But if you are a short term investor, that means you decide to cash in within a months time to 6 months time, then you should consider several things. You have to monitor the day to day activities of the market.

Like the long term investor, you have to make sure that you can afford to put in your money for a long period of time but not as long as the long term investor. The reason for such is because during the short period wherein you plan to invest and pull out your stocks, you may incur losses during that time so you may decide to wait a little longer.

When I first invested in the stock market I said to by myself that I will be more of a long term investor. There are stock that I invest in that I consider as short term. However most of the stocks I hold are considered as medium and long term investments.

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Stock Market Basic Principles – Part 1

Several people have inquired from me whether they should invest in the Philippine stock market. They also wanted to know how to begin doing it. I am not sure know if they are really seriously asking the question. They might be just curious about the stock market considering that it has been always in the headlines lately. This is brought about by the fact that it is at its highest levels since the beginning of its creation.

Investing in the Philippine stock market is not for the faint hearted. As an investor you must have expectations as to how much you are going to earn for a certain vehicle of investment. Such is expectation is measured in terms of how much your money will grow at a certain period of time. (Most usually this is measured in interest per annum) Because the Philippine Stock market is in its all time high for several months now, people think that they should join the band wagon. They do not even understand the basic principles involved nor do they understand how the stock market works. I am not saying that you should be an economist before you should invest in the stock market.

What I am saying is that you should understand the basic principles involved first before you could succeed in the stock market. While it is true that fortunes are made on the Stock market, loss of wealth has also been experienced by some. Some who just barge into the stock market without understanding the basic principles of investment end up leaving the stock market convinced that the stock market is no good at all as an alternative vehicle of investment.

Let us not begin first by discussing the “how tos” in investing in the Philippine stock market. Let us first understand the basic principles of investment so that we might enjoy trading and be successful in the stock market. There are ten principles involved. We will talk about the first principle here. Other principles will follow in the next articles. Visit my blog if you want to see the whole article.

1.) Its just another vehicle of investment – The stock market is just another vehicle of investment. There are other investment vehicles where you could invest your money. They have their advantages and disadvantages. One vehicle of investment is not more superior than the other. However this will not be discussed in detail here.

You must understand that the stock market belongs to an investment category called “Capital Markets.” Capital Markets are divided further into several categories. Here alone, there are several investment vehicles wherein you could place your money. Examples of these investment vehicles aside from the stock market are real estate, pension funds, bonds, insurance, different types of savings and time deposit accounts. It is of vital importance that you know this fact because knowing the different types of investment vehicles under the Capital markets will help you evaluate whether or not you should invest in the Stock Market considering that there are other vehicles of investment.

As I said each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. What I personally did is not to place all of my eggs in one basket. I have invested in most of the Capital Markets including the stock market, insurance, pension, deposits, and bonds through mutual funds.

Would you want to know more about investment strategies ? Visit the blog of Zigfred Diaz where he blogs about several interesting topics such as investments, money management, business, making money online and Stock market investing

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Discover How To Trade Options In Our Lifetime Options Course Training Guide Overview

Learn how to trade options in our lifetime options course. Options are a strong instrument that every investor should become knowledgeable about.

Before you start, forget about anything that you have heard regarding the concern over risks when trading options. Options were created to manage and limit potential risks. In fact, there are some option trades that can be done with no risk at all.

Two option strategies are normally used for several reasons, speculation and hedging. Most people know what the word speculating means when it comes to investing. When you purchase stock, you are contemplating the way it will go. Saying investing is a lot less scary than saying speculating. There is never an assurance when purchasing stock. You might convince yourself that AAPL stock will increase, but if it was a guaranteed investment, you would spend every last dime you have. It is necessary to know that investing means taking chances. When you obtain options you are contemplating on what the price will be in the future, the chance you are taking in losing money is controlled, but the opportunity to make money is limitless.

Investors can choose to hedge their portfolios. Basically, the investor is purchasing insurance that will protect their investment from potential disaster. It is very similar to buying homeowners insurance. The chance of something bad happening is slim; however, having someone else bear the brunt of the disaster is more appealing than dealing with it yourself. When you hedge your portfolio, you are insuring your investment.

The prices of options are based on the price of an underlying stock as well as other values.

Deciding whether to hedge or contemplate using your options is only the first step needed. You will find an option chain listing and then see what is available for you to select. Simply choosing to hedge or contemplate is not nearly enough. It is also wise to establish an investment strategy and whether you are trading a call option or a put. Decide what price you want to trade and how long you want the expiration date to last. Finally, what option strategy to use based on volatility in the markets.

The pricing of options is figured using a complicated differential equation, but again, we don’t need to make this so complicated.

Option pricing is based on a very complex equation, but we can look at them in a more simple term. Let’s just say they are Time Premium + Intrinsic Value.

Each ingredient plays a role in establishing the value of an option. As an investor, you can only manage two of the ingredients: strike price and expiration. Take into account what your needs are and choose the one that will give you the desired results. Advice to help you on your way:

Hedging: using complex spreads which have little to no risk at all in order to protect ones portfolio.

Speculating: in the money options, short expiration and use calls. Again, this is a very simple strategy, but not one that I would ever do. This is something basic that beginners start with.

Out and in the money options both have benefits and downsides. An ITM option is going to be more money to buy; however, the possibility of it still having value upon expiration is higher. An OTM option is cheaper initially but the chances of it having any value when it expires is very slim.

Learn how to trade options with our lifetime options course. Options are a super financial instrument and something which every saver should get the inside scoop on options learning .

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Why You Should Join an Investment Club

The notion of joining an investment stock club is one I’m sure has crossed the minds of many independent investors. If you’re like me perhaps you dismissed the notion as quickly as it came to mind. I sat on the idea of joining an investing stock club for many years. I waited way too long. I had plenty of reasons not to find and join an investment stock club. None of them however was based on sound investigation. I had doubts about the value of investment stock clubs simply based on my assumptions that the cost would take away from my stock trading profits more than it could benefit. This was an assumption I made out of ignorance. I also remember being afraid that being an investment stock club member would somehow expose what I didn’t know to the trading community. In retrospect this would have only served to accelerate my understanding of trading and improved my ability to make strong consistent profits in the market. I could go on but my reasons for not looking at it more closely all proved to be unfounded. I don’t plan to try to chip away at these sorts of notions you may have because if they’re like my old assumptions, they’re just plainly holding you back. Instead I’d ask you to consider the undeniable benefits.

As an independent investor I absolutely revel in the notion that I can move stealthily in and out of the markets. I can search for and evaluate any number of stock trading opportunities. I can take advantage of a wealth of research from any source or I can do my own research. I don’t must spend time proving my case to my boss and deal with the frustration that entails. No two notices when I succeed at it or fail and I have nothing to prove to someone but myself. There is no better way to make a living as far as I’m concerned. Being independent means everything to me. This independence does have a down-side and if I’m not aware of the challenges that come with being independent and I don’t do anything about it I can and have experienced monumental failures.

Despite all it’s benefits, independence can easily lend itself to isolation. This is a real hazard that new investors should work quickly to mitigate. Being isolated in the context of investing for a living means having nothing to keep you honest. It’s imperative for your success to bounce your ideas and research off your peers as a sort of litmus check. Any independent investor would be wise to find a lovely stock investment club and join up for this reason alone, but stock investment clubs often provide more in the way of helping independent investors than this.

Aside from all the bells and whistles or other novel tools that stock investment clubs often hype to entice investors to join, the largest benefit is the collaborative environment they afford investors who would otherwise be working in a vacuum. The benefits of joining a stock investing club and collaborating with a group of peers with similar goals has been undeniably evident in my own ability to generate larger and more consistent returns. I get to launch my ideas in to the community and get timely and worthwhile feedback. Members are all to happy to let me know when I’m way and more importantly why. I can select to agree or not and I often pick up on some great tips as well as new ideas and strategies to think about. Most importantly I get to keep in touch with a world of traders that offer a wealth of insight and knowledge I would not gain anywhere else.

As no two stock investment clubs are created equal, no two are similar and each has its strengths and weaknesses. Two aspect of a stock investment club which you ought to never compromise on is the existence of a robust social element. To evaluate that yourself, you could look for some of the following.

Does the stock investment club have:

A way for you to chat or post messages?

A way to track the performance of your stock portfolio and look at other members performance?

A strong enough member base so as the ideas and opinions are always flowing and dynamic.

A diversity of groups within the stock investment club; and specifically two or two who’s members share your investment style or philosophy?

A frequent sustained presence from an accomplished and respected leader in the world of investing and trading?

Some investing stock clubs even give each and every member a chance to have themselves brought into prominence as an authority by allowing them to post articles or research right in the main blog as a special guest. This can do wonders in terms of broadening your investing horizons. One way is that other members recognize great ideas and reward the author by suggesting your next topic and some valid points to consider, free content for your next article.

The bottom line point is that it’s integral that independent investors participate in holding their own knowledge and ideas to the fire of a thoughtful community. It challenges you to be better than you were before and it makes you responsible for developing a disciplined approach to your career in the markets.

My Favorite Investment Stock Clubs

I’ve included a few of my favorite investment stock clubs for you to consider. These (and I’m sure there are others) meet my criteria for providing an active community of thoughtful and outspoken investors who willingly share what they know and consider new ideas by providing seasoned advice and insights to help you stay on your game.

INO Market Club

Provides a real community feel, lots of options for you to find where you fit in across the whole spectrum of trading styles, a blog where members are encouraged to publish guest articles, a very strong leadership with Adam Hewison. Adam is a seasoned veteran trader from the CME Group. INO frequently coordinates online meetings where participants can learn from renowned traders. They have a vast trading tutorial library for both new and advanced traders to help them keep their trading sharp.

A number of my favorite INO features include the market alerts, portfolio tracking with their matchless trade triangle technology which highlights stocks which are moving in to a new trend & INO TV which features exclusive content from well-known market analysts. I’m sure any trader would be delighted to have access to everything INO thoughtfully pulls together to form a vibrant trader community with some great tools & invaluable ways to learn & share with other accomplished independent investors. It’s worth the annual cost of membership & INO has a no questions asked guarantee, so if you can’t use it refunds are not an issue for them. Learn more about INO Market Club.

Zecco Community

Zecco has a robust online trading community & you’d be surprised to learn that you don’t must have a trading account to experience all their community has to offer. You can still communicate & share ideas with other members & you have access to a wide array of lovely tools for market research. If you have a blog or web page, you can share that with fellow Zecco members . The Zecco community is active & any trader can find their niche among like-minded investors.

Zecco Trading: Get $4.50 Stock Trades

Invest the smart way with Zecco Trading. Stock trades cost $4.50. Get 10 free trades per month with a $25,000 balance or 25 trades/month. No account minimums or inactivity fees. Member FINRA/SIPC.

Finally, I’m always looking for suggestions from my readers so if you’d like to tell the world about your favorite Investment Stock Club, please leave a comment.

Learn more about Stocks & Technical Analysis. Stop by Brian Berry’s site where you can find out all about Stock Investment Clubs and what they can do for you.

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Gambling And Online Forex Trading

The both of terminology are though as the same thing by most people. But when they are diving by doing the two things they will realize that both of them is not same anymore. The way to think that online forex trading is the same thing as gambling make people that getting much money with this way is not right and they have to avoid as well as they can since gambling just lead people to the lost of wealth mean people will get poorer and poorer.

The basic difference between gambling and online forex trading is that gambling never consider to make a decision meanwhile it is something wrong to be done when people are doing online forex trading. In online fores trading it is absolutely needed to watch economic situation to know where the chart will move, and the method well known as Fundamental method.

Then how about using online forex robot? isn’t it doesn’t need to do fundamental method? You may right that a trader doesn’t need to use fundamental to run since the forex robot runs automatically. But what we need to know is that forex robot was designed by the developer to follow the moving of chart in certain time.

The proof is that forex robot was able to trade and earned money for trader, but you may have some robots that doesn’t do as before. This is because of the chart moving is different with the past time. That is why forex robot developer designed the robot forex by watching the economic situation first and then update it after some months ago. At least this is what we can see from the update of Fabturbo Online forex trading. When you got fapturbo online forex trading you will own an opportunity to upgrade your robot provided by designer that has been match current chart moving and the robot.

From this reason we can conclude that the forex robot is designed based on the economic situation and it won’t be done in gambling. However this is our spot to see forex trading is not as gambling. But you may see the other reason out there that different with it. Just consider them.

Source : NewTrading.net

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