Hi Everyone Todays video takes a look at the Pound and where my last video went wrong and why you should not have traded it. We then stick with the Pound and look at what the rest of the week should bring. We then finish the video off by looking at the USD/CAD. This pair [...]


Hi Everyone Without my familiar GFT charts today so putting together a video using MT4. It is based on the EUR/USD pair. Try to read into the message I am getting across regarding trying to stay with trend using market fractals. Enjoy! Regards Rob Helean

FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – May 19, 2010

More of the same today on the collapse of the Yen pairs, or so it seemed it was setting up to be. With Asia into Pre-London buying up the Yen pairs into the London open, London traders started their day at Fibonacci resistance, how perfect for some shorting to take place. In this video I [...]

Alcohol Intervention

Alcohol Intervention Alcohol is both a fad and an addictive habit, which wrecks havoc in the lives of not just those who consume it, but also those directly or indirectly related to these people. Consuming alcohol often starts out either as a social habit or to get respite from problems and worries. But once started [...]

FOREX VIDEO | New York Session Review | January 4, 2011

The US dollar started the New York session with a firm tone as commodities saw a sharp sell-off. The greenback also got a boost from data showing a rise in US factory orders and an upward revision to durable goods orders figures. The EUR/USD currency pair fell more than 100 pips after the opening bell [...]

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