Hi Everyone For todays video I am looking to rinse and repeat what we have seen in the last couple of days, that is shorting the USD. I am keeping it simple. The Euro seems to be gathering some momentum against the Pound, therefore looking for EUR/USD longs. I believe we could see several hundred [...]

Daily Video Technical Update 3/29/2010

Daily Video Technical Update: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, EUR/GBP Provided by FX Times/CMS Forex www.fxtimes.com http Analyst: Fan Yang, CTA

Why Adding Indicators Hurts Your Forex Trades

I hear investing “instructors” suggest that adding several technical indicators will increase the probability of a successful trading outcome. This is a fallacy that plagues a lot of traders, especially new traders. Trading the market is not just a numbers game but there are some things we know about statistical analysis that can help you [...]

FOREX VIDEO – European Outlook December 8th 2009

Hey everyone, for this outlook I take some inventory of where we find ourselves longer term and shorter term for the USD. This European session is shaping up to trade against the longer term prevailing direction, this in mind I dont expect it to be an easy going, smooth move like we saw yesterday. Patience [...]

BTS1) Brendan and Shoot’s Beginner Trading Course Introduction Learn to Trade Stocks Forex Futures

www.informedtrades.com http Brendan and Shoot’s Beginner Trading Series Introduction. This series will consist of different trading videos for newer traders and provide them with a map of how to start out their trading career.

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