Forex training “Using Fibonacci retracement levels”(Bobokus.com)

Learn Forex, Fibonacci Inner levels (Bobokus.com)

Trading With Emotions in Forex

forextradingseminar.com Learn why many traders fail and how you can succeed in Forex trading by making your trading decisions without the influence of your unrelated emotions.

Technical Analysis of Stocks

Technical Analysis of Stocks Technical analysis of stocks is a vague idea to most who have no idea about charts and technical indicators. Most people spend a lot of time studying indicators for notions of what price will do. They spent a large amount of time on these technical indicators for their technical analysis and [...]

CMS Forex Commercial

Currencies are personified…namely, the British Pound (Knight), American Dollar (Cowboy), Japanese Yen (Ninja), and the European “Euro” (Musketeer). These currencies are depicted fighting it out in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) markets. Note: While I think the commercial is cool, this isn’t an endorsement….all investments carry risks.

87. Forex Trading – How to Read a Currency Quote

clk.atdmt.com A lesson on how to read a currency quote for active traders and investors in the forex market.

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