How To Get The Best Insurance Price

What a wonderful thing to sell. Insurance is really quite a product when you give it some thought. Month upon month you fork out your hard earned cash for something tat we only really take the salesman’s word for your ownership of in the first place! And all this is whilst sincerely hoping that we never have the need to take advantage of our supposed ownership.

Forex Technical Update 10/01/2010 – Japanese Yen Trades Mixed

The Japanese yen traded mixed this week. It is weaker against the Euro, which has been on a tear. It is gaining on the pressured USD and GBP. It is ranging with the CAD, CHF, and AUD. Let’s take a look.

FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – May 19, 2010

More of the same today on the collapse of the Yen pairs, or so it seemed it was setting up to be. With Asia into Pre-London buying up the Yen pairs into the London open, London traders started their day at Fibonacci resistance, how perfect for some shorting to take place. In this video I [...]

FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – July 7, 2010

Our day began for London trading a bit earlier than normal, about halfway into the pre-London trading hours. The USD/JPY was consistently having problems printing any sort of higher high even on a 15 minute but not really making any lower lows at the same time. Considering how bearish it has been lately as a [...]

Forex MetaTrader 4 Platform Part 7: Templates . Forex Education . Learn Forex Trading

www.forexstrategysecrets.com Learn how to create a forex mt4 template and save your favorite setups so you do not have to re-do them each time you log into the platform.

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