Hey Everyone, for this rather lengthy video I take a look at a basket of Yens including the USD Yen, Aussie Yen and Euro Yen. In addition to these Yen related pairs I also take a look at the Kiwi Dollar and Cable. Some reasonably involved analysis for a few pairs. I hope you enjoy [...]

Video Response: CFTC Proposed FOREX Leverage Change

My name is Wayne McDonell. I am a retail forex trader and Chief Currency Coach of www.fxbootcamp.com This video is in reponse to the CFTC’s proposed changes to the retail forex trading industry. If passed, leverage will be reduced to 10-to-1. If the CFTC and the NFA have the intent to protect the American trader, [...]

Forex leverage

Leverage in the forex is complicated. It can be a great tool or the cause of your account’s destruction. Learn a little bit more so you can trade a lot smarter

Forex Trading Software – Automated Forex Strategy

TradeForex.BestReviewed.Net – Forex trading software is becoming very popular, and if you have as little as 50 bucks to invest in the market, they can be very effective and double your money many times over the year. I’ve tried many of these automated trading software packages, and this one is very intelligent compared to many. [...]

Using Multiple Profit Targets (Forex News Trading)

Using Fib extensions (161.8 and 261.8), multiple targets when pivots coincide.

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