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FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – December 15, 2010

After an amazingly strong and fast USD move in the early pre-European markets made many of our days, we were left at a precarious position of support exactly at the London open on some pairings, such as the EUR/USD. In this video I show how, where, and why we got long off of support right [...]

1 Forex Live Trading Course 1 of 6

Forex trading course part one. Here in this trading video we look at who controls the forex money machine, active and inactive traders, what the forex market indeed what all market are and who the players are.

Easy Way to Check Tenants’ Financial History

As the homeowner or agent, we must want to grab the customers to buy or rent our house so we will get financial benefit. However, by renting or selling the house to the customers we are also taking a big risk. The customers are strangers for us; we have no idea about their background, including [...]

Private Placement Memorandum: What You Need To Know About Offering Memorandums

With the plummet of the economy and banks holding on to the bailout money they were supposed to be lending that was meant to stimulate the economy, the entrepreneurs are once again, thrown to the wolves.

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