Forex Killer Software – A Money Generator

5business.andreaskir.hop.clickbank.net What Is Forex Killer? Forex Killer is a completely mechanical and mathematically based forex trading system. In terms of deciding entries, there is absolutely no discretion involved. Entries are a clear cut, 100% mechanical Buy, Sell or No Trade. To use Forex Killer, you simply input the closing prices of the last 10 bars [...]

Compare International Exchange Rates

Compare International Exchange Rates Foreign exchange rates are constantly fluctuating on a daily basis affecting business transactions negatively or positively, depending on the changes in foreign exchange rates. Hence it is important to know the techniques of exchange rates comparison. The exchange rate of a country is affected by the supply and demand for the [...]

Forex Trading Daily Video – 2 May

Dollar rebounds on news that the al-Qaeda leader is dead

080918 FOREX Currency Trading

Reviving an old interest in currency trading. Anybody out there FOREX trading?

Forex Broker

Forex Broker One of the key requirements when looking to move into the world of Forex trading is to find an appropriate Forex broker to use. Not too long ago there were only a few of very qualified brokers to use. However, not that has changed and there are many. Making sure that you choose [...]

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