forex trading scalping

www.forexforum.gr is theplace were you can find free trading systems and the results for almost 9 months now, from Northern Lights Strategy. In http you can find more information about Northern Lights Strategy method.In www.forexlegion.com you can find our basic forex school in Greek language.More languages on the way. Checkout the daily results of this [...]

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Forex Rebellion Review

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Hi Folks Amid everything going on in the world, the EUR/GBP is trading like a technicians dream. While it continues to do so, I believe we need to make the most of the situation and capitalize. Have a great day everyone. Regards Rob Helean

Forex Trading System with the ADX Indicator

The average directional Index or ADX, is an indicator that is use to determine the strength of a prevailing trend. The ADX is measured on a scale from zero 100 with a series of lines…

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