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www.ForexConspiracyReport.com – Forex Research Forex profits come from learning Forex basics, doing Forex research, and practicing Forex trading skill sets. When these pieces of the puzzle are in place a trader will develop a Forex trading strategy which will always require more Forex research and technical analysis. In recent months two international currencies have been in the Forex news due to both internal and external events. Japan was hit by its worst earthquake in recorded history and a devastating tsunami that killed tens of thousands while wrecking perhaps a trillion Yen in damage. The Euro has fallen more than it has risen due to continuing debt problems of several of its member nations. In each case Forex research is necessary in order to profitably trade the currency. When the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan there was immediately a sense that the Yen would fall in value. However, a bit of reflection and Forex research would have reminded all that many Japanese have practiced the Yen carry trade in order to escape of generation long period of low interest rates in the homeland. Japanese investors have long converted their Yen into dollars to buy treasury bills, for example. When the need arose to move assets back home the Japanese offshore investors sold assets denominated in US dollars and other currencies in order to buy Yen. The price of Yen skyrocketed and required intervention by the G7 economic ministers to bring order back into the market. Those who did

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Forex Alert

www.ForexConspiracyReport.com – Forex Alert A Forex Alert service is a useful means of finding the most profitable currency pair to trade for the day. A Forex trader may have all of the skills necessary for profitable technical trading but if he is in a currency pair that is trading sideways there will be little potential profit. The trader may have studied the fundamentals of each currency in a trading pair and may anticipate profitable price movement. However, that price movement may not be occurring today. If a trader is buying Yen with British Pounds and the US Federal Reserve Chairman makes a statement about raising interest rates a Forex Alert service will alert the trader and allow him to move into a major currency pair that includes the US dollar in order to have a shot at profits as the market reacts. A Forex Alert will be based upon any of a number of things. It may be something from the news such as the breaking reports of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. It may also be a follow-up report such as the recent statement by a leading Japanese banker about the fact that the Japanese economy may take more time than expected to recover from electric power shortages caused by nuclear power plant shutdowns. When Japanese investors started bringing home assets to pay for reconstruction the price of the Yen went up dramatically. A Forex Alert could be the first report of substantial upward price movement of the Yen coupled with a high USD JPY trading volume. It could

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