How Big Your Trust To Your Online Forex Robot

We all know that by using online forex robot or called Expert Advisor (EA) as well a trader will do online trade easier and then only need to set what time they will activate and disable the EA. But it still create a new problem when we don’t know the best setting for our expert [...]

Complete Tips and Trick for Playing Online Games

Talking about the online games, surely you know the Blackjack Online. This game is very popular and have long since become part of the online games  in the world. Talk about this games sure all players want to get a victory when playing, and certainly all of that in mind and need a special strategy. [...]

FOREX Training Course – lesson 3 : (Money Management)

www.fxtrainingzone.com This is a video overview of Money Management, risk, stop losses and cognitive bias. It covers a range of tasks you should consider before becoming a full time trader.

FOREX VIDEO REVIEW: London Session March 30, 2009

Asia into pre-London today continued the sell off on the Japanese Yen pairings from Friday’s fantastic drop off the daily resistance. The end result is we found ourselves at definitive support in pretty much every flavor on the Yen pair longer term charts, such as new weekly pivots, and long term trend lines. Opening a [...]

TRADING FOREX – trend change confirmation

Well, the warning bells I heard yesterday about USDCAD’s change in trend seems to be confirming today. Time to search for long entries perhaps?

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