FOREX VIDEO | New York Session Review | March 16, 2011

Renewed concerns about nuclear power facility meltdown in Japan fueled risk aversion in multiple financial markets. The Japanese yen established a new 15-year low against the US dollar, while the USD/CHF currency pair printed a new all-time low.

The Forex Monster Review: SCAM Warning!

www.newforexreviews.com Forex dirty secret EXPOSED.. The secret of making a 6 figure per month income on Betfair it’s not about spending years of testing. It’s much much simpler than that! Find out more in this Forex Monster Review: SCAM or not? Click the link to try NOW! www.newforexreviews.com

Forex Video | Trading Tip | Advanced Price Action Forex Trading

www.trading-strategies.info In this video I look at some advanced price action reading tactics taken from tape reading so that I can better understand price movements on currencies

Forex Presentation with Peter Bain — The Most Profitable Pair to Trade – Feb. 14/11

The Most Profitable Pair to Trade In today’s presentation, Peter identifies the most profitable pair to trade in the forex. He even shows you how to determine the pip value of the pair. Being the most profitable pair, this pair can be traded to achieve less pips per trade simply because of its pip value.

Compare Forex Brokers Uk – Regulated Forex Brokers

Compare Forex Brokers Uk – Regulated Forex Brokers Compare Forex Brokers Uk The Forex broker who is regulated is a member of a regulated financial authority. Meaning, that their corporate activity is checked and scrutinised, ensuring they observe a set of strict rules and procedures, put in place by the regulatory authority. Forex Regulation means [...]

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