Forex-Auto-Trader Video Review

ForexAutoTrader – is it a SCAM or a Real Deal? Lets find out in the independent investigation by Mark Larsen from Forex-Systems-Reviews.com

New Version of MSN Messenger

Instant messengers are a popular way for people to stay in touch over long distances and have been growing for use as the internet has become increasingly populated. Unlike phone and email, using instant messaging allows users to have a live conversation electronically, while leaving them free to do other things, running around packing for [...]

Timing Your FOREX Trades With Oscillators


FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – July 14, 2010

London was a bit stuffy today as trading goes. We had some late pre-London trades as well as some trades right at the open which paid reasonable pips but nothing huge, things look a tad exhausted and likely need US retail sales to come out to give us more fuel. However, as London was into [...]


Hi Everyone Without my familiar GFT charts today so putting together a video using MT4. It is based on the EUR/USD pair. Try to read into the message I am getting across regarding trying to stay with trend using market fractals. Enjoy! Regards Rob Helean

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