Ankle Braces – Are They Useful?

Ankle braces are a great aid in preventing ankle sprains, especially if you’re into playing high impact sports such as volleyball, basketball or football. Compared to elastic ankle tape, ankle brace provide better support for your ankle and reduce the risk of you twisting or rolling your ankles.

Forex Technical Update 9/30/2010 – Greenback is Fighting Back as Gold’s Record Run Stalls

Forex Technical Update 9/30/2010 The correlation of general USD weakness is very strong with the rally in Gold. As gold shows topping action, the EUR/USD and AUD/USD appear to be topping as well, and the USD/JPY appears to be bottoming. The GBP/USD reacted very strongly and is testing its channel support. Finally, we also see [...]

Learn Forex Trading – Forex Trading Strategy

Learn Forex Trading – Forex Trading Strategy Are you interested in forex trading? If you are, you should probably start off by learning more about it and get some training. Proper training is a must if you are going to be trading. There is a lot of money involved in forex trading. Without properly [...]

FOREX VIDEO REVIEW: London Session February 20, 2009

The GBP/USD, just after the London open today, had bounced convincingly off of the daily M1 reversal pivot point which overlapped with a very noticeable 2 or 4 hour trend line. Shortly after which, a better than expected Retail Sales number from Great Britain catapulted the Pound even further northward through the 15 minute 200ema, [...]

Are Credit Cards After A Bankruptcy Filing A Risky Option?

As much as we all would want to avoid having to file bankruptcy, sometimes for some people there really is no other option, when this occurs these people often start worrying about things like the obtaining of a good credit card after bankruptcy.

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