Forex Robot

Forex Robot This is a generation of automated trading where most of the trade is done via the underlying system or the program. The system makes all the decisions on whether to buy or sell the currency and you just have to click a button to complete your trade. Types There are two types of [...]


Hi everybody for this video I take a look at Cable. I use multiple timeframes and pivot points to draw up a conservative trade plan. Good luck!! Dvaid Pegler

The Pips (without Gladys Knight)

One of the funniest and most original things I;ve ever seen. In 1977 during the brief run of the Richard Pryor TV Show, the Pips came on to perform two numbers WITHOUT Gladys Knight. They just sang the backup parts and the camera would zoom in on an empty microphone whenever Gladys Knight was supposed [...]

Tourist Exchange Rates

Tourist Exchange Rates Are you on a gap year? Have you been dreaming of your much-awaited vacation in Europe or Asia? Why not start planning now? If you are already in the planning process, one of the things you must not forget is your budget. And since, you will be going to other countries and [...]

Lesson 01 | Trade with the Trend | Free Forex Trading Lessons

www.pipware.com “The Trend is Your Friend” … heard it all before? Make sure you understand what a trend is.

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