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FOREX VIDEO REVIEW: London Session June 18, 2009

fxbootcamp hopes you are enjoying this 40 hour bootcamp coaching marathon leading up to the triple witching hour on Friday, we hope to see many of you during several of these sessions. We have had signs of likely further weakness in the British pound technically this week on the Daily/4hour currency charts, such as multiple Daily lower highs among other things. So going into today’s London session rising from pre-London, while profitable, kept one very attuned to the market for a reversal, or another lower high etc. Well sure enough we got just that in today’s London session as the British Pound Sterling began to dive against every other currency there is. As we had begun to reach/breach some shorter term (15m) support on GBP/USD and the other pairings, we braced ourselves for the impending Retail Sales news announcement due at that very moment. If this news were negative we would very likely be looking at a sharp decline. So in this video I focus on how we handled this news setup using Fibonacci studies after the first one minute news candle, along with price action, to wiggle ourselves into what turned out to be a nice Pound short basket across the board. Unfortunately the pullbacks we encountered were not as perfectly offered to us as we may have preferred, but with a sharp eye on price action around these levels, we were able to sneak into some of these pairs for some wonderfully quick gains. Nice session indeed, needed to be disciplined however in all facets to profit successfully. See you guys at the 3pm afternoon NY session today. fxbootcamp London Currency Coach- Christian Stephens

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