Hi Everyone Hope you had a good weekend. For todays video, I am going to stick to my daily up trend bias and continue to look for longs. If you are not already in a trade, this video will give you some ideas on how. We also combine some pivot theories to help guide the [...]

FOREX VIDEO | NFP Review | April 1, 2011

The best headline NFP number in 10 months gave the US dollar a lift during the 90 minutes after the release of the US jobs report. The greenback then got smoked after New York Fed president William Dudley expressed concerns about premature monetary policy tightening during a speech in Puerto Rico.

Discover How To Trade Options In Our Lifetime Options Course Training Guide Overview

Learn how to trade options in our lifetime options course. Options are a strong instrument that every investor should become knowledgeable about.


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FOREX Presentation with Peter Bain – How to Perform Technical Analysis – Jan. 31, 2011

In today’s presentation, Peter shows you how to enter a trade both without using technical analysis and with. As always, he stresses top-down analysis. By using the cautious approach to entering a trade, you sometimes miss out on some of the price action, but you are assured a good entry point that is based on [...]

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