FOREX Trading Review Video 03 APR 09 GBP/USD

www.fxtrainingzone.com Two GBP/USD trades explained. Includes EMA’s / trendlines / MACD / pivot points! Any questions please ask.

Enjoy The Spirit of Enjoyable Online Games

Actually, there are thousand ways to spend our spare time besides our work at the Forex trading business. We can take a walk to the outside and enjoy the wind, we can chat with our mates or simply we can be entertained with playing the online games. For this time post, we will talk about [...]


The advanced TradingFX Currency Strength Index “CCYX” disassembles every pair and isolates the individual currencies to show you the strength and/or weakness of each major currency in relation to the others. This allows you to track the pairs which have the greatest momentum and potential, so you can focus on the best situations and ultimately [...]

115. Forex Trading Fundamentals Quiz – Test Your Knowledge

www.informedtrades.com Lesson Link: www.informedtrades.com A 10 question quiz on the basics of the fundamentals of forex which everyone will need to understand to go through the rest of our free forex trading course.

Forex MegaDroid Week 1 Results

www.ForexMegaDroidReview.com Week 1 results for the Forex Megadroid system and what settings we use

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