Forex Technical update 8/19/2010 – Greenback Continues to Consolidate; Commodity Currencies Slip

Forex Technical Update 8/19/2010 Technical Tools Presented in Video: Moving Averages, RSI, Fibonacci Study, Elliott Wave Principles, Chart Patterns, Candlestick Analysis USD crosses are still trading in consolidation mode. We can see that in EUR/USD and GBP/USD. The USD/JPY also shows it is not ready to rally. The AUD/USD however showed some weakness in the [...]

Forex Trading Systems | Online Forex Trading

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Get Nouveau Riche Study, and Make Perfect Your Business

To be quite honest Nouveau Riche Corporation is an impressive company with a very good product and commercial opportunities, but unfortunately the same applies to any business that you do. If you have not learned how to use technology that your sponsor do not learn then it is very possible to become another statistic, and [...]

Forex Technical Update 7/6/2010 – Greenback Pressured; Gold Even More So

Forex Technical Update 7/6/2010 Fan Yang, CTA FXTimes In the US session today, the Yen and Euro were the gainers, while the USD and gold were losers. The Euro was able to keep its gains on the USD, while the British Pound could not. USD weakness and Yen strength can be seen in the USD/JPY. [...]

Translation of Global Marketing

Translation of Global Marketing Translation of documents and other papers in many languages, you can get a much wider coverage of the product. It’s a way to reach customers in many places and in all languages. The language barrier is overcome through translation. The only point to bear in mind that you should have a [...]

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