Hi Everyone For todays video, I am taking a look at the NZD/JPY pair. It looks to me like we have some short-term upside before long-term down side. I hope in the next 24 hours of trading, we can get a long to take us up to the 63.00 area and for the rest of [...]

FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – November 19, 2010

Nearly every major pairing with the USD had a rather identical setup as the London open was setting up. Continued USD weakness, yet all pairings not quite at their respective resistance/support zones. So the plans in place were primarily focused on awaiting pullbacks taking Fibonacci entries into resistance at minimum, 137220 zone for eur/usd, 16100 [...]

Forex | Forex Currency Trading | Forex Strategy System

Forex | Forex Currency Trading | Forex Strategy System The Foreign exchange market is commonly known as the Forex market, it is the principal financial market in the world. Forex currency trading market is existing almost everywhere in the world where currencies are traded for one another. The Forex market is even larger than [...]

Some of The Main Reasons, Why We Should Use The FXOpen

Yesterday i posted about tiny guide to start your online forex trading. And this day, I want to share some reasons on why you should choose fxopen as your online forex trading broker. Here come 24 points listed as some benefits and features of fxopen Without Commision Allow low spread begins at 2 pips No [...]

Forex News and Technical Analysis by FactoryClick.com 28 September 2009

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