82. How Central Banks Move the Forex Market

clk.atdmt.com A lesson on how the central banks of the world participate in the foreign exchange market and move the forex market up and down for their economic benefit.

Forex Daily Outlook November 2, 2009

We had a very exciting Friday to wrap up the week. Just as everyone thought Thursdays strong performance would continue the bearish dollar and bullish equity trends, Friday packed a strong punch made everyone wonder? We remained short on our EUR/USD and GBP/USD trades; our bias remains long dollars, but we must follow price action [...]

FOREX Price Action Trading

Price Action Trading. Forex trading made simple. Here is an example of how I look at Price Action trading. It is the only way to trade FOREX. www.whylucidfx.com FOREX

Ben Bernanke: Regulators Reviewing Foreclosure Practices

Ben Bernanke: Regulators Reviewing Foreclosure Practices Fed chairman Ben Bernanke said Monday that federal bank regulators would be examining the legalities of mortgage companies in terms of foreclosure procedures.   The chairman said that they were taking intensive review at the firms’ policies, procedures, and internal controls with regards to foreclosure. In addition, they were [...]

TRADING FOREX – trend change confirmation

Well, the warning bells I heard yesterday about USDCAD’s change in trend seems to be confirming today. Time to search for long entries perhaps?

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