FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – July 14, 2010

London was a bit stuffy today as trading goes. We had some late pre-London trades as well as some trades right at the open which paid reasonable pips but nothing huge, things look a tad exhausted and likely need US retail sales to come out to give us more fuel. However, as London was into [...]

FOREX Video: Trade NFP Live: Jan 8, 2010

Non farm payrolls “high volitility event driven continuation breakout strategy” employed during a live webinar at fxstreet.com with close to 1000 registered traders. Headline numbers were “less good” and created a bullish opportunity on the EUR/USD, as the EUR/GBP was also bullish after the news. We used price action, resistance and then a fibonacci pull [...]

(Macro) Episode 33 – Exchange Rates

How do currency values rise and fall? Why would a country want to manipulate the value of its own currency?

Best Trading Platform

Best Trading Platform In order to find the best online stock trading platform you first need to decide what type of stock trading you will be doing.  Different trading methods require different tools and/or software packages.  Make a list of trading  tools that you need that best fits your trading style.  Then do a search [...]

82. How Central Banks Move the Forex Market

clk.atdmt.com A lesson on how the central banks of the world participate in the foreign exchange market and move the forex market up and down for their economic benefit.

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