Currenex ECN overview- Forex platform

This is a basic overview of the Currenex ECN platform. If you would like a free demo of this platform, please click here: fastbrokers.com The minimum to open an account 00 (some brokers minimum deposit is 25-50k) In the next Currenex video, I will over how to place limits, stops, trailing stops, etc. This is [...]

The Pips (without Gladys Knight)

One of the funniest and most original things I;ve ever seen. In 1977 during the brief run of the Richard Pryor TV Show, the Pips came on to perform two numbers WITHOUT Gladys Knight. They just sang the backup parts and the camera would zoom in on an empty microphone whenever Gladys Knight was supposed [...]

FOREX trading example with Vic Noble – April 22, 2011

Trend vs Counter-Trend? Which One is Best? We’ve all heard the expression, “the trend is your friend”. And it’s true, trend trading is very powerful, and obviously a good approach to trading. (For day traders, that’s what the “vic” trade is that I teach). So does that mean that counter-trend trading is no good? Absolutely [...]

Forex MetaTrader 4 Platform Part 9: Alerts . Forex Education . Learn Forex Trading

www.forexstrategysecrets.com Learn how to set up Forex Alerts on the MetaTrader 4 Platform. This will help you trade without looking at a computer screen all day.

Forex Peace Army|Sive Morten EURUSD Daily 05.02.11

Professional Forex Trading analysis by Sive Morten with Forex Peace Army. Videos are recorded fresh daily to help forex traders stay profitable.

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