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Jun 26

Checked your credit card billing statement lately? Does it make you restless because you have to pay a great deal of minimum payment which you’ve never done before? Well, minimum payment transaction of your credit card could take longer period than you ever imagine. Why’s that? It’s the interest that will make you suffer on the next billing statement.

If this prolonged, you’d better consolidate credit cards of yours at once. Consolidation is actions towards the use and the payment settlement of the credit cards. Immediately put away your plastic money and lock it up somewhere ‘throw away’ the key. The spendthrift habit of yours should be paralyzed temporarily until the consolidation is done.

Alternatively, you can ask the card issuer to reduce debt fast. Meet the person in charge and negotiate to reduce it until 60% at the most. If approved, you can be debt free maximum 36 months, minimum 12 months depending on the case you involve with. Initially, it is advisable that the negotiation is conducted by phone. Afterwards, you can arrange for the rest of negotiation.

In addition, getting out of the credit card debt has recently taken care by some non-profit organizations which are authorized to act and make the debt payment on your behalf. So, they take over the bad debt deal. In the end, you are debt-free. All you have to do is paying the counseling agencies as agreed terms and conditions.

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