Auto Pip Bot Review

Auto Pip Bot Review

Auto Pip Bot is a breakthrough Forex Trading Expert Advisor, which comes together with a detailed instruction guide and performance manual. The Expert Advisor gives the customer plug and play automated trading profits within just a few minutes of easy installation. It also uses a unique new system

Are you sick to the back teeth of reading Forex sales letter after Forex sales letter peddled to you by some scheming marketer each and every week? Not only are these guys promising to sell you the ‘next best thing’ in Forex but they’re also dreaming up incredible stories about who they really are. And if you’ve ever bought any of the software these guys have offered, I’m guessing it promised the world but actually crashed and burnt within days.

Sometimes though, you really do have to sit up and take note.

And when guys like Ted Anderson, a former Cambridge University geek who’s made it big in Forex, speak, you have to listen. He’s blaming scheming marketers and ‘gurus’ for the shameless lies that have flooded the Forex market.

You see, Ted had his whole career mapped out for him. After reading medicine at Cambridge, the dream was to become a doctor. But this was his parents’ dream, not his. Ted got caught up with a bunch of Cambridge computer nerds, who were hell-bent on devising a self-made Forex ATM for themselves. To the tune of $ 20,000 per month each.

Now, Ted is thinking about handing this very same tool to you on a plate. And the best thing is:

There’s no prior Forex trading experience necessary.
There’s no Forex or computer knowledge necessary.
There is no need for you to do anything. It is entirely automated.

Please do spare a few minutes to check this out.

This automated trading robot is a result of many months of hard work and programming as Ted and his Cambridge computer partners worked hard towards creating a trading robot that could help them execute their FX trading strategies for them. Today, Ted has hired a team to help him build his website and start making his trading program available for all his members to download.

What Kind of Experience and Skills Do You Need to Have Before You Can Make Money with Auto Pip Bot?

Most of the beta testers who had the early chance to try out this tool before its launch did not have any programming or trading knowledge when they got started. This plug and play software does most of the analytical and trades execution work for its users.

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