Hello traders, for this video it’s all about the Euro USD, although I don’t think the Euro weakness is done I do think we could find some good support in the next session or two. Good luck, I hope you enjoy the video. David Pegler

FOREX trading example with Vic Noble – June 24, 2011

0 to 65 in 54 Days in the Forex! A few weeks ago (June 3rd) I showed you the incredible effects of compounding that are possible, and we used the real results for May, 2011 from the spread sheet that Shirley Hudson keeps of her London Close trades. This week I’ve updated those results to [...]

Currency Options Trading for Hedging Currency Risks

Currency Options Trading for Hedging Currency Risks Currency risk is part of the operational and financial risk, associated with the risks of adverse movement of exchange rate of one currency relative to another. In comparison to investments in local assets, the fluctuating exchange rates represent an additional risk factor for investors who want to diversify [...]

Forex News Daily Video Recap: Euro Stumbles on Ireland, ECB Bond Buying

The main theme today was Euro weakness as there was more worrisome news regarding Ireland and it was revealed that the ECB bought a large amount of bonds last week. The EUR/USD slid from its highs near 1.38. The USD was a bit stronger as US stocks slid, despite some positive US fundamentals in the [...]

FX Trading

FX Trading The Foreign Exchange (FX) and Futures markets are two of the highest traded investment products to be found anywhere in the world. According to the 2010 Triennial Central Bank Survey the average daily FX turnover was $ 3.98 Trillion, of which 36.7% of that happened within London. Investment Management The global futures market [...]

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