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Dec 15

Ankle braces are a great aid in preventing ankle sprains, especially if you’re into playing high impact sports such as volleyball, basketball or football. Compared to elastic ankle tape, ankle brace provide better support for your ankle and reduce the risk of you twisting or rolling your ankles.

There are many different brands and manufacturers for sports and rehabilitation braces out in the market. Regardless of the type of injury you have, there should be a foot or ankle brace that will help speed up your recovery time as well as prevent further injuries from occurring should you decide to go back into your sport.

Most of the big brands will offer ankle braces that are durable, light-weight and comfortable. For sporting braces, the general design comes with two thin plastic plates on each side of your ankle that go as high up as your lower leg, to provide stability in side to side movement (this is the most common form of ankle injury). The plates are held together by an elastic material that encompasses your foot.

Whether you have weak ankles or rolled your ankle pretty badly in the past, it is highly recommended that you wear an ankle cast if you intend to get back into your favorite sport. It’s quite affordable these days anyway and you can pick one up cheaply online (expect to fork out around $200 for a pair of maximum protection ASO ankle brace sports braces).

So which kind of support braces should you be getting? Are there certain things you should look out for? Well let’s take a look.

Choosing the right brace will depend on your circumstance: have you recently twisted your ankle badly? Have you torn a ligament and had reconstructive surgery? If both the above are true, you need to get advise on the most appropriate foot wear from your doctor first.


The only way to really select the right model is to go down to the shop and actually test each one out. You might be required to bring along a new pair of socks to put on before trying out the brace due to hygiene reasons.

You might find that initially, the ankle brace is very restrictive and that it’s hard to move, this is because you’re simply not used to wearing something like that. Over a short period of time, the elastic material will loosen up and you will forget that you’re even wearing an ankle cast.

If you could do with support finding the perfect Aircast ankle brace for yourself, come and have a look at our helpful review website.

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