Forex trading daily outlook October 25, 2010

G-20 Agrees to Refrain from Competitive Devaluations. USD resumes decline


Hey everybody, for this look at the markets I concentrate my analysis on Cable and for a change of pace also take a brief look at spot silver. Cable has obviously made an impressive run and we find ourselves trading in the wake of the drop. Not a time to be super aggressive, however I [...]

If You Are A Traders, You Should to Be Objective

As we know, the most difficult lesson to learn at the Forex  is in the currency market almost anything can happen at any time. As new businesses move for a while, learning the mechanics of the market and concentrate their attention on finding a method of forecasting movements in the market, it is normal that [...]

Forex Robot Review – Forex Megadroid

Forex Robot Review – Forex Megadroid For most human traders, the Forex market is like one huge guessing game in which one has to decide what currency goes up or down against another. There are seemingly unlimited possibilities and it is difficult to make a living out of this. Over tome, Forex Robots have been [...]

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