You Need The Telemarketing List in Order to Be Success

As we know, even you are working at the forex and investment business, you need the marketing activity in order to gain success and one of the best things for those who work in the field of marketing is to have a big list. You will be rather easy if you have a list of [...]

1 Forex Live Trading Course 1 of 6

Forex trading course part one. Here in this trading video we look at who controls the forex money machine, active and inactive traders, what the forex market indeed what all market are and who the players are.

Are You Serious Players or Just For Fun Players?

Like i said at the last post, playing the forex game and gain some profit is like a way of life. But for sometimes i play the forex game not just for gets some money too but it’s like some kinds of pleasure for me. Releasing my tight stress from my mind, if I’m win [...]


The charts compared in this video represent the same period of market activity on the same currency. However you will notice how the Range Bars disassemble the tall elongated time-based candlesticks created from rapid price moves and reassemble the very small candlesticks from slower price action. This allows every technical study to respond properly, which [...]

Trading With Emotions in Forex

forextradingseminar.com Learn why many traders fail and how you can succeed in Forex trading by making your trading decisions without the influence of your unrelated emotions.

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