Fixing File System Errors

If you are an online forex trader who has to be online everyday, then what you need the most is a reliable computer and internet connection. Those two factors are like a two side of coins and cannot be separated one and another. That’s why if you are having trouble with your computer, your internet [...]

Steal Pips Ea

Steal Pips Ea Steal PIPS EA Overview There has been much speculation on the new forex robot software, Steal PIPS EA. Does it live up to its claims? Upon visiting the Steal PIPS website, the first thing you are confronted with, is their rather questionable sales pitch, “Learn how to rob the forex market legally.” [...]

FOREX Training Video | London Session August 11, 2008

After the tremendous recent leg of the USD strength Friday, and the decent GAP trading on the Sunday open, we were cautious entering London. Most major pairs had trended strongly and all hit the next substantial support/resistance areas. A pullback looked more likely than anything, so we zoomed in on the majors to get a [...]


This could be a critical week for the Euro. Current price action suggests we are poised to break further to the downside to the lower 1.30 range. Do not discount however what would happen if we were to long long from here. It could be the other extreme of 1.50 and further. Lets take a [...]

where to get free metatrader 4 forex chart

where to get free metatrader4 forex chart

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