FOREX VIDEO | New York Session Review | October 19, 2010

The risk on/off trade was unmistakably in off mode during today’s New York session. A surprise rate hike from China’s central bank contributed to a broad aversion to risk that provided a lift to the US dollar. In pip terms, today’s downside move on the AUD/USD was the biggest for that currency pair in 5 [...]

Mini Forex Trading: Lesser Stakes, Greater Possibilities (part 1)

GuideAndGuide.com – Mini Forex Trading Mini Forex Trading: Lesser Stakes, Greater Possibilities (part1) Forex trading is one of the most viable options for someone who is looking at bigger possibilities, bigger profit and greater ease in trading and business. Because of it is high…

FOREX VIDEO – New York Session Review – April 15, 2010

After sliding nearly 120 pips during today’s London session, the EUR/USD currency pair spent much of the New York session clawing back half of that drop. That euro recovery set up a 40-pip short trade, which came together during the hour before the London close.

The Dollar recent movement

For forex banking system, currencies is the main part of the system. In the world to improve the feeling of investor, a race in the carry trade, and a jump in oil all the support for the increase in raw materials, the dollar movement on Friday . Compared to the U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar rose [...]

Making Price Estimation With Technical And Fundamental Analysis

Making price of one currency to the others is absolutely needed by all traders since it will consider what step they have to be picked, Buy or Sell. If this is needed by every traders finding the accurate way to make currencies price estimation. There are two famous ways have been known by traders to [...]

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