Forex News Daily Recap (9/28): US Consumer Confidence Sinks Greenback vs Rivals

The Conference Board’s consumer confidence index fell sharply in today’s trading, pressuring the greenback against its major rivals. The EUR/USD tested the area just below 1.36, the USD/JPY fell to its lowest since intervention, the USD/CHF hit a record low.

My favourite Forex strategy

My Forex club Secrets.bz presents: Today I describe simple but very powerful strategy that I use in my trading. Don’t forget to check out my reviews on forex-systems-reviews.com

Designing Vs Modeling Trading Systems | And Forex Review

www.freetradingsystems.org Discover the pros and cons in designing your own trading system from scratch vs modeling your system on an already successful one. You’ll also hear my review of the new Forex Profit Accelerator course. Is it as good as it’s cracked up to be?

Forex MetaTrader 4 Full Voice with Visual interface

eToro Forex Trading Platform ► www.etoro.com ◄ Edit:: I put out version 1.2. Now there are 30+ sound files. But this is because having individual sound files saves system resources when the code runs. You can erase the old 20 sound files and just put in the 38 new sound files. You will really like [...]


Hey everyone, happy holidays!! For this presentation I analyze the Euro USD, Kiwi Dollar and cable. Thin, holiday conditions abound I am taking a very conservative approach to the market. Technical analysis is flimsy at best during holiday periods. Good luck today!! David Pegler

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