Life Insurance and its Benefits

What does life mean to you? You’ve prepared your whole life to have a pleasing career, to make money, to marry the love of your life, and to foster children into this world. But have you really thought much about death? Of course you have, but have you thought about the right things? I know it’s a strange question, but if you were to die today, how well-off would your family be?

Additional Income From Online Games

To success in trading, you need great feeling as well as sense of time to decide which act we have to take. Sell or buy is matter of profit or loss, life or death. Often, this pressure leads to great depression inside of you when market runs against you. At this point, you, and other [...]

OANDA fxTrade – iPad Forex Trading App

fxtrade.oanda.com Trade forex on all major currency pairs, popular exotic crosses, and 4 precious metal pairs. Tap any chart or currency pair to execute a trade. Swipe through charts and graphs in portrait or landscape views. Dock your iPad to use the app as a ticker display. Learn more: fxtrade.oanda.com Download now: itunes.apple.com


Todays video is a trade plan based on the EUR/USD. Following the past 24 hours, the Euro is looking heavy to the downside and looks prime to test the recent lows from 2009.

Preventing Future Family Problem

As a man you might feel like you have given everything to your wife. However, there is nothing wrong if you try to ask your wife about the problems that may arise. You may be surprised to hear the answer she gave. Most of the problems experienced in the household are a problem related to [...]

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