Hey everyone, todays market is a tough read for me. We have found a few areas of contention for a number of pairs. This in mind I have put together a few conservative trade plans for the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUS/USD and GBP/JPY. Really nothing flamboyant in this analysis, Im allowing the market to prove direction [...]

Spot market, forwards market, and futures market

If you’re living in France and want to visit Borobudur in Indonesia, you must exchange your France currency to local currency, in this case the Indonesian Rupiah, at the current exchange rate. Currencies are important, it’s able to conduct foreign trade and business. The need of exchange currencies is the main reason why foreign exchange [...]

Forex Presentation with Peter Bain — The Most Profitable Pair to Trade – Feb. 14/11

The Most Profitable Pair to Trade In today’s presentation, Peter identifies the most profitable pair to trade in the forex. He even shows you how to determine the pip value of the pair. Being the most profitable pair, this pair can be traded to achieve less pips per trade simply because of its pip value.

Forex Trading Analysis for Thursday, May 26th, 2011

In this video, Michael tiny Saul, technical analyst at www.tinystmv.blogspot.com does his Forex Trading Analysis for Thursday, May 26th, 2011. You can follow tiny at http

Forex trading daily outlook November 18, 2010

United states CPI at record low!

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