What is forex ?

Video tells whats forex is ? it described well about forex market.

FOREX VIDEO | New York Session Review | May 17, 2010

The yen crosses resembled a roller coaster ride during the first trading day of the week. After a rally of nearly 250 pips from Asian session lows, the EUR/JPY currency pair fell nearly 200 pips before the London close.

Re-Make Your Home and Get Your Own Heaven

Maybe we are expert at the Forex and investment business, but when you talk about the landscaping work, you have to hire the professional to help you finish it. As we know that, home is the heaven after we got a large work at our office, so we have to make it the real heaven [...]

Technical Analysis of Stocks

Technical Analysis of Stocks Technical analysis of stocks is a vague idea to most who have no idea about charts and technical indicators. Most people spend a lot of time studying indicators for notions of what price will do. They spent a large amount of time on these technical indicators for their technical analysis and [...]

Avoid Stress or Psychological Illness with Playing Games.

Do you love to play the online games? Yes…and what rather games that you have a try? Do you already satisfied when play it? Sometimes we have to ask for our self the kinds of question like above, because as the forex executive’s or forex trading player we need some entertainment too. We can avoid [...]

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