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Dec 08

Purchasing a home is a decision that can lead to financial security. However, financing is often a confusing process especially for first time home buyers. Obtaining information on the different types of home loans is one of the most important steps to getting started in the home buying process. There are many different types of products available.

Knowing your credit score before you even go a bank or mortgage company is imperative. People with high credit scores are most likely to get lower interests rates and to be approved for higher loan amounts.

Another key element in regards to financing a home is job stability. Generally, the longer that you have been in a job the more stable you are considered to be. Mortgage companies and banks will often require a person that is applying for a home loan to show paycheck stubs, bank account statements and tax information such as W-2’s in order to guarantee income.

Having a down payment would also be ideal. A large down payment could keep you from paying PMI, or private mortgage insurance. It can mean a lower house payment. However, if your credit score is high enough and you have steady employment there might be other ways to buy a home without having to pay PMI.

Some borrowers will often have a balloon payment at the end of the mortgage contract. Most of the time, the lenders will allow the balloon payment to be refinanced and paid over an agreed amount of time.

There are a couple other types of loans that are frequently offered to buyers. One of them is known as an Adjustable rate mortgage which has an interest rate that fluctuates with the market. It causes the mortgage payment to vary each month. Another offer that most banks and lenders are known as an interest only loans. This is when the buyer pays only on the interest for a contracted amount of time. After that period of time, they are paying on the home.

In order to find out more about the offers from banks and lenders, do a little research. There are many different types of home loans with their own restrictions and rules. It is not only wise to know what type of loan is good for you, it is also very important to know your credit history and score before applying for a home loan.

Graham McKenzie is the content coordinator for a leading South African leading Homeloans and Bond Origination portal which provides access to ABSA Homeloans.

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