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Jun 16

clk.atdmt.com A lesson on the different contract sizes available to active traders and investors in the forex market. Foreign Exchange, currency trading, forex trading

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7 Responses to “91. How to Determine Your Position Size in the Forex Market”

  1. icemanlux2 Says:

    as soon as u execute a position it should appear right away in your platform in the order that u place it….

  2. laton0 Says:

    i found this forex system based on price action

  3. vonHypermiler Says:

    What video editing/recording software do you use Dave?

  4. prodigee411 Says:

    Also, from your experience, is there any difference in execution time of a “large position” vs. a 1k position. thanks.

  5. prodigee411 Says:

    can you actually establish ANY position size you desire. Let’s say I’ve got $50,000,000, in an account. Would it be possible for me to establish a position size, say 10,000k or $1,000 per pip, 50,000k or $5,000? If these position sizes are possible, would the specific currency pair’s liquidity affect transactions? Thanks.

  6. InformedTrades Says:

    Hi, many brokerage firms including FXCM will allow you to trade in sizes of 1K or smaller however even at 10K the value of a one point move in the market is only $1. Since the market is not very volatile most consider that trading pretty small. Hope that helps. Dave

  7. Daamon77 Says:

    This will probably be answered later on but does this mean that I must trade in the tens and hundred of thousands of dollars? I thought the advantage was being able to trade small?

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