79. Forex – Over the Counter Vs. Exchange Traded Markets Forex Tracer Automated Trading Software
Jan 12

clk.atdmt.com A lesson on understanding what increases and decreases in the rate of a currency pair mean for the values of the currencies which make up that pair.

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10 Responses to “88. Forex Trading – Understanding Currency Rate Movements”

  1. igtfx Says:

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  3. TheDjbang Says:

    I find following your own analysis on candlesticks in the FX platform is a lot more reliable than any index. Reading index reports does provide an overall direction of a pair but studying candlestick momentum during intraday trading is far more reliable than daily reports. Forex traders can make healthy profits on 25pips (.25%) in either direction.
    Therefore, candlestick analysis during your day allows you to capture a substantial profit irrespective of the pairs’ overall trend.

  4. cherylish1 Says:

    Hi Dave,
    I am learning a lot from your videos. So if the Dow is up on Wall street,, will this make the US dollar weaker ? or cause the EUR/USD go higher? what index can I read to determine the strengths/weakness of a particular currency?

  5. creati8 Says:

    I don’t see the yellow clock

  6. inthebluescrossroad Says:

    Wow ! I love your channel! Im new to the market and im learning so much from your videos , thanks a mil!

  7. InformedTrades Says:

    Hi, Doing well thanks I hope you are. If you contact FXCM support they should be able to provide you with additional data. Best Regards, Dave

  8. jokerisherenow Says:

    Hey Dave, how are you doing? I had a question about the FXCM demo account. I was wondering if you could download some more historical data. I wanted to move bar by bar, testing my strategy for back a few months but turns out, the data doesn’t go too far. Thanks for your time and have a good day !

  9. InformedTrades Says:

    link sent. Best Regards, Dave

  10. jwoincairo Says:

    Hi I clicked on the link which should have connected me to the FXM website/demo trading platforms but it does not work. Can you send me a different link. Thanks!

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