Forex Trading #1: Retail Market Makers … Beware 88. Forex Trading – Understanding Currency Rate Movements
Jan 11

www.informedtrades.com A lesson explaining the difference between exchange traded and over the counter markets for forex traders, currency traders, and foreign exchange traders.

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12 Responses to “79. Forex – Over the Counter Vs. Exchange Traded Markets”

  1. nawkrm Says:

    Very detailed and educational. I’ve been trading for many years and I still find your videos very eye openning.

  2. ouchitsme Says:

    Hi Dave,
    Totally impressed by your videos, Thank a whole lot.

  3. gagi600 Says:

    this is a fraude i tryed and got robed thei stoled all of my money

  4. t3rdtp Says:

    Enjoy the videos a lot man.

  5. HipHopCoffeeMaker Says:

    Finally the detailed explanation I’ve been searching for. Thank you!

  6. lanceaqua Says:

    Very good videos, thanks a lot. Keep up the good work~

  7. GoodLuck1411 Says:

    Hello Dave,
    I’m really glad to see that someone like u is trying to help others. It’s very kind of you! Please keep posting your brilliant videos and i’ll always be glad to watch them!
    So Good Luck!
    Thanks again!

  8. wwwForexsigcom Says:

    Thanks, learning about the market before actually investing is very important.

  9. copplemeister Says:

    Thanks Dave. Im studying for an investment course here in England. Helped my understnading of OTC markets directly compared with Exchanges. Regards. Nick

  10. ninhoca7 Says:

    Hi Dave, i’m brazilian and i’m starting to learn about stock market/forex… i had to look for some information about that in another language besides portuguese, ’cause i didn’t find anything good enough in my native language . Thank god i found your videos that are very simple to understand that even a person from other country can learn… Thanks for making it so easy!

  11. InformedTrades Says:

    Hi Gpwap1,

    Thanks a lot for the comment I am glad you like the videos. Best regards, Dave

  12. gpwap1 Says:

    Just came across your videos and I have to say your lessons are very informative for a beginner like me. I will watch all your lessons from the very beginning in hopes to become a smarter investor. Thanks alot!

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