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Dec 06

www.informedtrades.com The first lesson in our new free video forex trading course which introduces the main aspects that differentiate the forex market from the equities and the futures markets.

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25 Responses to “78. An Overview of the Forex Market”

  1. izuaff04 Says:

    Hey David,

    I’m a newbie in Forex. My question is, can I hold aposition , say for more than a week if i see an uptrend continuing? What are the risks and any extra cost involved? I’m using Thinkorswim platform, Thx

  2. outcastization6 Says:

    Use the OTCSP newsletter, they have been getting everything right for the past couple years now and its free.. you can sign up at authoropen . com

  3. FXThug Says:

    YEah its addictve, currently i keep tracking of several countries usd/AUD/EUR keeps my energy high and nice mangemnt on my time

  4. TheDjbang Says:

    I used to get burnt out too until i started focussing on one pair only. I just use a larger volume in a single trade that way I never have to worry about multiple outcomes over a lot of pairs.

    I can’t believe more people aren’t forex trading I LOVE IT!!

  5. TheDjbang Says:

    I made AUD$22,000 in the past two days.

    Get on SKYPE and I’ll show you how.

    It’s only a gamble if you don’t understand technical analysis.

  6. TheDjbang Says:

    Currency Trading for Dummies by Mark Galant and Brian Dolan is a great book to help begin. Buy It!!

  7. mustfarhan Says:

    Guys ,, if you really want an accurate forex signal.. why dont you visit my channel and subscribe for free predictions..
    I send my predictions many times.. every day.. For proof check previous.. I assure you guys with doing exactly as i say.. you will be making good money.. trade as i say and calculate you progress at end of week… subscribe and rate…

  8. FXThug Says:

    He’s right about burning out, since i discovered this 24hr market i realized i spend ALL my free time trading lol.

  9. fgbsdfgsdfg Says:

    Is this stuff supposed to be insanely hard to comprehend. I just started an international investment course and have been beating my head against the wall all day trying to learn about cross rate exchanges. Hopefully these videos will help me out. Thanks for posting them. Im hoping I will owe you one.

  10. Shellred29 Says:

    Hi This is a great video, where would you recommend any of your videos as a starting block for a new trader never used the forex market before?

  11. arelee78 Says:

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  12. gakoibhi Says:

    in pakistan i dont see any person who makes money from this forex market this is a big gambling market where in last u loss your all money

  13. ForexNiceTips Says:

    haii,, need forex review.? please go to my site. thanks. nice to meet you

  14. ForexNiceTips Says:

    haii,, need forex review.? please go to my site. thanks. nice to meet you

  15. ForexNiceTips Says:

    haii,, need forex review.? please go to my site. thanks. nice to meet you

  16. AbouArz10450 Says:

    WoW ! and you still got time to learn about forex …

  17. InformedTrades Says:

    my pleasure pauper101 thanks for watching.

    Best Regards,

  18. pauper101 Says:

    hello again david,
    thanks for answering my questions, it really helps and it is greatly appreciated.


  19. InformedTrades Says:

    Hey Pauper101, Thanks for the comment and for watching I am glad you like the videos. Since the forex market is over the counter it technically never closes however most trading platforms close somewhere around 4pm NY Time on Friday and Reopen around 5pm on Sunday. Those are the times that FXCM opens and closes as well. The reason for this is that the banks in all the major markets are closed during this time so there is not much trading going on. Best Regards,Dave

  20. pauper101 Says:

    hey david,
    i really appreciate your work in these videos.
    Your education really made me chance my perception on the financial markets as i am in the process of completeting my trading system.
    I have one question to ask you. You said in this video that the FOREX is open 24hours, do u mean 24/7 or 24hrs from Mon-Fri?
    cuz i opened a demo accnt on FXCM at right now is 11:45pm Sydney on 11/7/08 (Saturday Night) and it seems like its closed?!?

    tHanks heaps

  21. InformedTrades Says:

    Below is my best shot at an explanation which fits within the word count limit here on Youtube. If you have further questions I encourage you to post them in the ask/answer question section of the InformedTrades homepage where I am unrestricted in terms of the length of my reply. Best Regards, Dave

  22. InformedTrades Says:

    Hi pjblabla, Thanks for the comment. The greater the amount of a financial instrument that is traded the more likely there is to be enough of that instrument at the price which you are trading at which reduces slippage. Also the greater the amount of a financial instrument that is traded the harder it is for any one person or entity to move the market making it harder to manipulate. When you go long one currency in a pair you are automatically going short the second currency pair. Best, Dave

  23. pjblabla Says:

    Hi Dave,

    (I am new to trading & finance in general)

    Few questions on this Forex video

    1. why & how does high liquidity prevent slippages & manipulation?

    2. Is it possible to go Long on one currency in a pair & at the same time go Short on the other currency (it would cancel any gains, but I just wanted to know if its allowed)

    thanks Dave

  24. InformedTrades Says:

    yeh that is my favorite line as well…sounds good if there is anything I miss in the videos please feel free to ask. Best Regards, Dave

  25. AirelonTrading Says:

    “Crack / cocaine” – lol

    Looking forward to this series Dave. I know of some details, and the possibilites with the Forex, I’m still fuzzy on some details. Interested on seeing your thoughts on the best leverage to use, and other factors.

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