Bernanke Sees the Housing Market Bottoming

Bernanke Sees the Housing Market Bottoming Ben Bernanke gave his testimony to Congress and stated that he sees economic recovery by the end of the year. The reason he sees a recovery from the recession is the stabilization of the United States housing market. We will not know when a bottom has been put in [...]


Hey everybody. For this outlook I move forward with more Euro USD analysis. Some very simple analysis per usual, lots of price action, visual support and resistance etc. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the analysis!! David Pegler

Forex Peace Army|Sive Morten EURUSD Daily 24.01.11

Professional Forex Trading analysis by Sive Morten with Forex Peace Army. Videos are recorded fresh daily to help forex traders stay profitable.

The Canadian Exchange Rate

The Canadian Exchange Rate Trade rates are rates at which nations currencies are exchanged, that is, the worth of one currency by way of another. A lot of nations now use the American greenback as the usual in opposition to which to measure the value of their own currency. As the good majority of Canada’s [...]

Finally Fabturbo Become My Expert Advisor For Online Trading

As What I have written in the previous post about Pyramid expert advisors, I will also show you the other expert that we can trust since the strategy that is used is very safe but it can bring traders to get much more wealth by doing online forex trading. In this post I will tell [...]

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