Hi everybody, for this European look at the market I concentrate on the Pound Dollar, I think we about to see a switch to some Pound relative weakness. Given this information I attempt to put together a good conservative trade plan. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the video. David Pegler

Properties Look Forward To The Subprime Meltdown

We have also heard of horrible stories on people woke up overnight just to discover that they have lost a big fortune on their real estate, or have their asset portfolio halved in value if they are lucky.The sub-prime crisis that started in US has claimed quite a few high profile corporations from both the financial sector as well as the housing sector.But one year later, there is indeed some sense of optimism in the market.

How to get an ECN Forex account with a Free Profitable Expert Advisor

Christal clear version at: www.mt4book.com The best deal in the whole Forex world, Extremely low fixed spread Forex accounts with a free commercial expert advisor that automatically trades for you and makes you money every single day. USA accounts accepted. This broker feature the following Ecn for Forexbody referral. Fixed spread 1.5 pip no micro [...]

Do Celebrities Know The Cosmic Ordering Secrets?

Cosmic ordering has become more and more in prominence lately and the idea has been endorsed by many celebrities. Just place your order with the universe and after a short wait, it will be yours!


I have decided to focus today’s video on the AUD/USD. Unlike many other pairs, the Aussie is still trading comfortably within it’s weekly extreme pivot points, in fact it is currently lingering around the weekly central. A perfect place for a new move to start. Add to the mix three lower highs on a daily [...]

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