Want to Trading Internationally? Use The Forex Markets

Forex market trading is trading money, currencies worldwide. Most all countries around the world are involved in the forex trading market, where money is bought and sold, based on the value of that currency at the time. As some currencies are not worth much, it is not going to be traded heavily, as the currency [...]

FOREX VIDEO | New York Session Review | March 23, 2011

The recently beleaguered US dollar found some traction today against the European currencies. The EUR/USD currency pair fell 60 pips from its New York session high as the market awaited the results of a vote by Portugal’s parliament on a new austerity bill.

Steal Pips: Is Steal Pips Illegal?

Steal Pips: Is Steal Pips Illegal? Steal PIPS: Is Still PIPS Another Forex Scam? There has been much speculation on the new forex robot software, StealPIPS. Does it live up to its claims? Upon visiting the Steal PIPS website, the first thing you are confronted with, is their rather questionable sales pitch, “Learn how to [...]

FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – January 22, 2010

While Asia into pre-London offered us a fantastic short term GBP/JPY pullback long off of a weekly m1 reversal pivot point, London was setting up to offer us an even better reload to the downside direction that our Daily trap break began yesterday. In this video I discuss in detail how we pre-determined the area [...]

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