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Reviving an old interest in currency trading. Anybody out there FOREX trading?

Forex Technical Update 9.17.2010 – Japanese Yen after Intervention

Forex Technical Update 9.17.2010 The Japanese yen started the week mainly strengthening. Wednesday’s intervention pressured the currency. As we will see, most yen-crosses are still within bearish or at most ranging context. The GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY, AUD/JPY, and CAD/JPY and USD/JPY are all ranging or bearish. The CHF/JPY pair is the only one with a bullish [...]

Why Hedge Foreign Currency Risk?

Why Hedge Foreign Currency Risk? International commerce has rapidly increased as the internet has provided a new and more transparent marketplace for individuals and entities alike to conduct international business and trading activities. Significant changes in the international economic and political landscape have led to uncertainty regarding the direction of foreign exchange rates. This uncertainty [...]

Etoro trading platform

Etoro trading platform Design with the novice trader in mind puts eToro at the top of the list of Forex trading platforms with innovative software that includes easy to use interfaces that make trading fun as well as profitable.   A relative newcomer to the field, etoro trading platform makes learning the Forex market and [...]

Forex Trading made simple Fibonacci Trend line breaks Support and Resistance currency trading

Forex trading made simple. FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP www.forexclassmate.com Easy currency trading using trend line breaks support and resistance and Fibonacci. www.forexclassmate.com

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