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Interview Intervention!

Interview Intervention!

As the job market continues to be a crowded and competitive environment, job applicants will need every edge they can to be successful in landing that dream job. According to expert Greg Chase, seventy five percent of adults suffer from anxiety in social situations with people they have not met before.

Greg Chase, a Las Vegas resident and Director of The Etiquette School of Las Vegas, says, “It only takes about 5 seconds for a potential employer to have a solid first impression of you. With that in mind, it is important to be self aware to ensure a positive impression.”

Chase says there are five tips for success you can practice, to outclass your competition:


Dress for success. Your attire is the first and last thing that your potential employer is going to remember about you. Unless you are familiar with the corporate culture of the company you are interviewing at, maintain a conservative yet professional appearance.


Maintain the right amount of eye contact. Forty to sixty percent of the time you are speaking to someone, you should be maintaining eye contact. If you increase this, you may make the other person feel uncomfortable. Too little, and you may give off the impression you are not listening.


Confident body language. While you are in a situation where you are standing, be sure to allow your arms to naturally rest to your side. Crossing your arms or fidgeting gives off the impression you are overly confident, or nervous.


Firm and confident handshake. Be aware of your handshake. The goal is to make a web to web contact, so keep your thumb out, and fingers wide to avoid missing the other person’s hand. A firm handshake projects confidence, but be sure not to over do it.


Conquer clammy hands. If you find yourself with clammy hands before a social situation, purchase a fragrance free antiperspirant spray and apply it to your hands before your interview. It will prevent your hands from becoming moist in that critical moment.

Greg J Chase is trained and certified by The Protocol School of Washington® and offers seminars in business etiquette, dining and international protocol. For more information, contact Greg Chase at (702) 408-4438, or visit his website at www.etiquettelasvegas.com

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Steal Pips Download

Steal Pips Download

As quoted by Matt Delen, Steal PIPS creator, “Our Robot Isn’t Illegal…It Just Performs Like It is!”

Steal PIPS is a new forex robot software that will help automate the process of dominating the forex markets for you. With Steal PIPS, you will basically be able to learn how to rob the forex market legally. It has been much talked about through various forex communities, and many people have been wanting to download this software. We have a download link for you right at the end of this article.

Steal PIPS launch phase:

StealPIPS will be going through its prelaunch phase on the 24th of march and will officially be launching on the 30th of march. Owner and creator of Matt Delen expects a successful launch, as his product, Steal PIPS, will not only address many areas of concern that other forex robots fail to address, but will also offer around the clock support to each and every customer.There will be a team of 6 people working around the clock to provide support and help every customer “rob” the forex market.

Over the past few days, Matt and his team of underground developers have totally stunned us with video testimonials from forex traders, “priceless” freebies (reports, systems, etc.), and live real money trading statements.

We only expect him to deliver the very best once Steal PIPS finally launches, and we certainly can’t wait.

How can I download the Steal PIPS software?

UPDATE: Hi guys, we now have a download link for you.

You can download the latest version of the Steal PIPS software through the download link below:

–> Download Steal PIPS

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Wall Street: The Speed Traders

Steve Kroft gets a rare look inside the secretive world “high-frequency trading,” a controversial technique the SEC is scrutinizing in which computers can make thousands of stock trades in less than a second

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Components Of Metatrader

Components Of Metatrader

The Metatrader is a program that many Forex traders use when it comes to the speculation of currency pairs. It is developed by MetaQuotes Software, and has gained favor for its ability to help decrease the workload required to be done in order to make successful trades. Currently, the best of the Metatrader series is the MT4. MT5 is still under beta-testing, but when it does take off, it would definitely be much better than the previous one. As for number 4, here are the useful components that you will find in it.

The client terminal refers to the part of the program that the client or receiving traders will use. It is provided by the brokers they have chosen, and is used as real time trading or as a demo version in which clients can practice their trades with. Basically, it comes with trade operations, charts, as well as analyses in real time. With the MQL, a programming language for the platform, these can be updated by the brokers so that clients can enjoy customized items when they use expert advisors. There are 50 indicators provided in which helps pinpoint crucial data to you. These indicators can nevertheless be customized so that you can choose the particular data you are interested in attaining.

Another component is the MT4 mobile, which allows users to use their accounts via mobile phones or laptops. The server component would refer to the place where all requests are sent and handled for trade operations. This is where you will receive your data from and where your data will be sent to for trading, as well as keep your trade records. This is controlled by the administrator, the one who manages its settings. There is also the MT4 manager that handles the inquiries customers bring forth, and would help them manage their accounts. The last component would be the data center, which acts between the server and the client terminals, so that there is no overload in the main server.

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Financial Spread Betting or Financial Spread Trading Overview

Spread bet

Some of you maybe ever or already heard about the Financial Spread Betting, Spread bet or some people called it as Financial Spread Trading, but you have no idea what is it or what is it really about? Well, if you want to learn more about Financial Spread Betting, it would be better for you to read this article till the end since I will try to share short explanation about it. Financial Spread Betting is a financial instrument that begin and growth for the first time at United Kingdom (UK) under the authority of the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Financial Spread Betting or Financial Spread Trading.

FSA is the agency in charge of international law to regulate and ensure the legality of the industry or company and broker that provides financial services. The popularity of Financial Spread Betting in the world especially in United Kingdom is increasing due to the lack of tax payment obligations charged to the investor. So, that’s why there are many investors rather to choose it for gain profit maximally from their investment.

This rule is different with brokers who trade under the authority of the National Futures Association (NFA) in United States (US), this is the agency that in charge of law in America similar with FSA in UK. NFA regulated that all the income that earned from financial investments should be taxed.

So, what is Financial Spread Betting actually?

Financial Spread Betting or we can say as Financial Spread Trading is an alternative trading way to speculate in the financial market by trading in various derivative products. The products that traded in Financial Spread Betting is usually in Contract for Difference (CFD) form, where the trader will buy a contract for a product during a certain time to take advantage of the value rise and fall of the product in the future. This will be able to give the trader with good profit in all the condition when the price moves up or down (buy / sell).

How to Gain Maximum Profit from Financial Spread Betting?

As we know that people love take high risks from their investment in order gain high profit. But, sometimes this condition becomes such an addiction especially when you know the way to start earning profit and huge money from trading or bets that you make on the market. With trading at Financial Spread Betting, actually we have decreasing our risk, but we never know what happen in the future. So, that’s why we have to be careful with our trading decision. Here this some of the tips to gain maximum profit from Financial Spread Betting.

  • Predicts that the forex market, index, or commodity gold / oil will move down, up or sideways.
  • Select duration from seconds to weekly.
  • Specify how many value points per spread for open positions which do.
  • Get profit if your prediction is correct predictions when.

There are many financial Spread bet information, tips and strategy that you can learn from the internet, just type Financial Spread Betting or Financial Spread Trading keyword at search engine and you will see that there are so many information available to learn more and it will be able add more knowledge for your reference. But, if you feel that you didn’t satisfy with them, you can try to visiting to the Alpari.co.uk who provides us great Financial Spread Betting or Financial Spread Trading guidance, especially if we want to start to jump our feet at this product. There are good articles that giving explanation and overview about the Financial Spread Betting or Financial Spread Trading, including the frequently asked questions related to Financial Spread Betting.

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