Gambling And Online Forex Trading

The both of terminology are though as the same thing by most people. But when they are diving by doing the two things they will realize that both of them is not same anymore. The way to think that online forex trading is the same thing as gambling make people that getting much money with [...]

Forex Video | New York Session Review | August 6, 2008

The US dollar continued its recent strength across the major currency pairs during a day light on economic reports. A blend of fundamentals and technical analysis pointed to the EUR/USD as a viable prospect for a short trade at the open of the New York session. Pivot points and currency correlation provided excellent guidance on [...]


Hi everybody, for this outlook I go back to old faithful and examine the Euro USD. Fairly simple continuation trade plan of the Asian short side. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the analysis. David Pegler

Update Your PC with Newly Drivers

Forex trading is one of my primary works. But, I got accident when I do some trading, because my PC is drop, and can’t do anything. I became so confused. Finally, I called for PC service, and ask about them how about my PC. And their answer is, because of my software system is too [...]

Forex Trading Signals To Your Currency Fx Metatrader 4 Broker

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