Forex Presentation with Peter Bain — The Most Profitable Pair to Trade – Feb. 14/11

The Most Profitable Pair to Trade In today’s presentation, Peter identifies the most profitable pair to trade in the forex. He even shows you how to determine the pip value of the pair. Being the most profitable pair, this pair can be traded to achieve less pips per trade simply because of its pip value.

Is Your Company Going Public? Grow Quicker With Good Publicity

I laugh when I turn on the television to see an author on a talk show telling the audience about their book or flip on the radio in my car and hear the morning DJ interviewing a self proclaimed expert of some new weight loss program where you can lose 500 pounds in 48 hours.

The Dollar recent movement

For forex banking system, currencies is the main part of the system. In the world to improve the feeling of investor, a race in the carry trade, and a jump in oil all the support for the increase in raw materials, the dollar movement on Friday . Compared to the U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar rose [...]

Forex Trading | Elliott Wave Principle # 1 of 4

www.ForexTidalWave.com http Elliott Wave Principle can be an invaluable backdrop to you Forex Trading experience if you can learn to understand it. When used in conjunction with other Forex indicators, it can greatly increase your trading success. Enjoy this mini-course on Elliott Wave Principle in Forex Trading, and decide for yourself. There is a whole [...]

FOREX VIDEO – New York Session Review – April 27 2010

Risk aversion prevailed during the final hour of the London trading day following S&P downgrades of Portugal and Greece. During that hour, the EUR/JPY currency pair fell 150 pips from its daily S2 pivot point to its weekly M1 pivot point.

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