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Best Trading Platform

Best Trading Platform

In order to find the best online stock trading platform you first need to decide what type of stock trading you will be doing.  Different trading methods require different tools and/or software packages.  Make a list of trading  tools that you need that best fits your trading style.  Then do a search for the online broker that has the stock trading software that best suits your needs.

The first question to ask yourself is “what type of trading am I going to do?”  There are basically 3 types.  The day trader that profits on the intraday movements of stocks (also called scalping).  Swing trading which generally holds positions anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.  Then there is the long term (or intermediate) investor where you are holding positions from a few weeks to a year or longer.  Swing and long term investors will generally benefit from the same stock trading software.  Day traders need different features.

For the daytrader, you need a platform that can execute stock trades fast and effitiently.  Timing is very important so being able to buy and sell stocks quickly is a must.  You will also need a scanner in order to find intraday trade ideas.

A news feature along with this is important so you can try to understand why it is moving before you enter your trade.  Commissions are important for the online day trader to consider.  Because of the numerous intraday stock purchases you will likely be doing, you want to be sure to find an online broker with a low cost for stock trades.  Lastly, and one that is most often overlooked, is to find a broker that has a good inventory for shorts.  Many of the larger firms do not have many shorts available.  Since there are many intraday ideas to trade both on the long side and the short side, you want to be sure you are able to take the trades you find.

Swing traders and long term investors are going to want to have a platform that has a good variety of custom orders.  Since you probably won’t be sitting in front of your computer 24/7 you want the capability of have custom orders already set.  Orders that won’t cancel at the end of the day.  There are some brokers that do not offer this.  It’s always best to enter your stops and some targets when your initial order is filled so you can move on and not worry about it.  Other features may include, watchlists, heatmaps, scanners, and newsfeeds as well.  Commissions aren’t as high of a priority as is the case with day traders since you probably wont be doing as many trades.  Be sure to look at the availability of shorts because this will be important for swing traders as well.

By making a list, researching, and possibly seeking advice online through trading blogs and trading forums, you will be able to come up with the best trading platform that suits your needs.  Everyone is different so there isn’t a one-size fits all online broker.  Take your time and weigh all the options because  this will be an important step in your successful career trading stocks.

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Forex Indicators

Forex Indicators

The Forex market is said to be the most lucrative way of making money online. But, there are various important aspects which should be kept in mind before one chooses to enter this form of market. Some of them are, proper education, initial practice, trading and analytical skills etc. One major aspect which determines the success ratio of a trader is trend analysis. One should have the capability of judging the buy/sell points and know where the market is heading to. In this case, forex indicators play a major role.

Forex indicator is an important tool that helps us to set the strategies right, they may not be always perfect, but would be very helpful in Forex trading. An indicator helps us to examine trends and know the best time to enter or exit the market. It manages our trade and tells us when to make a move in the currency market.

An indicator does not foresee or predict a possible transaction; rather it creates opportunities for buying and selling currency. There are many types of Forex indicators available in the market, each one with its own criteria and strategies of trade. Some Forex indicators follow certain trends in the market that help you in taking important decisions regarding your transactions. Following trends makes it easier to follow the high’s and low’s in the market and thus it makes it easier to make profit and avoid loss at the same time.

Different indicators imply different strategies, but they are not all that different. The basic function of all Forex indicators is the same which is to bring maximum profits and minimum loss to the user.

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Pips Reserve Best Buy

Pips Reserve Best Buy

Pips Reserve is the latest currency trading robot to hit the market”

Pips Reserve is a currency trading robot, or specialist advisor (ea), that seamlessly integrates into your MetaTrader platform. It is completely palms free when you have established up the robot, which requires around 10 to 15 minutes, then it will go to operate for you with starting to keep track of the industry for rewarding trades, placing your trading, and exiting your trades.

PIPS Reserve was truly developed by a expert trader and not some techie guys who’s just seeking to make a system and market it for all its worth and then run. There has been over 10 years of operate set into this program to lastly bring it to what it is right now, the PIPS Reserve robot. Frequently occasions, builders of these specialist advisors are so jumpy just to release a product, that they overlook about the Research & Growth facet.

This is where PIPS Reserve will truly established itself apart from the others.

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Forex Robot Review – Forex Megadroid

Forex Robot Review – Forex Megadroid

For most human traders, the Forex market is like one huge guessing game in which one has to decide what currency goes up or down against another. There are seemingly unlimited possibilities and it is difficult to make a living out of this. Over tome, Forex Robots have been developed to assist traders, hence this Forex Megadroid review. Forex Megadroid uses data collected over a number of years to make this financial decision. Since it is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), it will not lose its head during a rough patch and make bad decisions. Instead, it waits until it sees an opening that correlates with the data programmed into it. When it sees a matching pattern it will strike, hopefully making the trader a decent profit.

The Forex Megadroid uses a complex algorithm called Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis which helps the machine to make accurate choices in the Forex market. This robot is easy to set up and use which is a great thing for people unfamiliar with either the market or the technology. The customer service team helps you set up the program if you cant do it yourself. Once you have successfully installed the robot, it will start trading all by itself once you have set up an account with a broker. There is a 60 day money back guarantee so there isnt a problem if you would want to try. The company claims that the Forex Megadroid can predict correct currency changes with an accuracy of over 95%. However, these tests have not been conducted on the live market. So it is very difficult to say that the figure is entirely accurate.

The great thing about this robot is that instead of taking the same trades continuously, if one trade is a loser the robot will learn. It will then check as to why that trade was a loser and use that valuable information for later trades. This is an incredibly valuable asset as it will mean that the robot will constantly adapt to the market.

The results from the Megadroid are quite staggering. The product is new so the results could change in the future. But as of now, the results are really good. A lot of forex robots are complete scams and dont do anything. However, the Megadroid is a real money maker. The best part is the robot was very good at limiting losses by not riding costly draw downs. A high win percentage with minimal losses is the signs of an excellent automated software which is Megadroid really is.

You should learn a little more about a program before you decide to invest your money in it. But the Forex Megadroid gives us a lot of reasons to be excited about. And it is based on AI so it wont run out of data to calibrate. It will learn and then use those patterns to give you results which in turn will result in profits and as most tests done on this robot show, the profit margins are quite substantial. It is a good investment as part of your wider online forex trading strategy.

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Global Broadband Market Rebounds

Global Broadband Market Rebounds

According to the market research firm iSuppli Corp, recovering from a slight decline in the second quarter, global broadband subscriber growth is rebounding in the third and fourth quarters as China’s demand for high-speed Internet access soars.

Across the major segments of DSL, cable and fiber, the number of new broadband subscribers worldwide in the third quarter is projected to rise by 5.8 percent to reach 16.5 million, iSuppli data show, overcoming the seasonal downward pull of the previous period when subscribers tumbled by 6.6 percent to 15.6 million.

The projected third-quarter totals will show that the market nearly caught up to the first-quarter figure of 16.7 million. Furthermore, the bounce-back appears to be a prelude to even loftier levels predicted for the final quarter of 2010 as global broadband subscribers rise by 7.3 percent to reach 17.7 million.

“Broadband subscriber additions declined in the second quarter because of normal seasonality as well as a poor performance in the North American market,” said Lee Ratliff, senior analyst for broadband and digital home at iSuppli.

“However, Chinese consumers’ insatiable demand for high-speed Internet is so high that it will cause subscriber numbers to rise again in the second half of the year.” China continues to add broadband subscribers at a blistering pace. Coming off a best-ever first quarter that saw the addition of approximately 6.0 million subscribers, growth in the second quarter slowed only slightly with the addition of another 5.4 million. No broadband slowdown is expected in the world’s most populous country, and each of the final two quarters will see new subscribers numbering 5.7 million, iSuppli projections indicate.

The race is on: Telcos vs. MSOs

Although subscriber numbers to broadband are growing, the technology that underlies high-speed Internet access is changing rapidly.
As services bundling voice and data drive bandwidth demands higher, the market is transitioning from a broadband data paradigm to a so-called “wideband” multiservice and multimedia model. Data rates of 1 to 5 megabits per second (Mbit/Sec.) may have been adequate when web surfing was the broadband killer app, but 30 to 50Mbit/Sec. soon will be the norm as consumers migrate to data-intensive applications such as online gaming, streaming video and Internet TV.

Because of this, a race to dominate the wideband market has flared up between the telcos and the multiservice cable operators.

Nowhere is the battle more evident than in the United States, where telcos like AT&T and Verizon, and cable operators such as Time Warner, compete on a relatively even playing field, with both camps having near universal access to every American household.
Telcos took the lead in 2008 and extended their advantage into 2009, luring customers away with successful fiber deployments—U-verse in the case of AT&T and FiOS for Verizon.

The tables turned, however, in mid-2009 when AT&T and Verizon ratcheted down fiber deployment and marketing, while cable operators went on the offensive. As a result, cable operators took the lead starting the last half of 2009 and held court until at least the first half of 2010. Cable’s real advantage is its capability to deploy wideband rates economically, iSuppli maintains. Many modern up-to-date cable networks can enable 20 to 50Mbit/Sec. per subscriber with as little as $ 20 for each home passed.

In comparison, an investment of $ 600 to $ 1,500 is required for each household passed with fiber. Unless the business case for fiber is improved, cable’s significant economic advantage could prove a major competitive factor in the medium term, with cable operators continuing to accelerate wideband deployment on their part.

Learn more about the latest developments in the broadband industry with Ratliff’s report, entitled: Broadband in U.S. Tips toward Cable as Telcos Slow Investment at http://www.isuppli.com/Home-and-Consumer-Electronics/Pages/Products.aspx

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